Kissing Frenzy plants a big wet one on the iPhone

Kissing Frenzy plants a big wet one on the iPhone

If there's one coin-op that struggled to see a video game conversion, it's the classic love tester (you know - those machines that impress your bird by measuring how clammy your hands are, then accuses you of being a wet fish). Fortunately, Tequila Mobile has been feveerishly working on its first iPhone title - an adaptation of Kissing Frenzy.

Need to see what sort of power your lips command? Well, Kissing Frenzy puts your virtual smooch-ability to the test as you attempt to plant one on the lovely ladies hanging out of the skyscraper windows as you plummet past them.

The only thing between you and a length of fast approaching concrete is love (or, more precisely, lurve - the Barry White kind). Lock lips with enough hot chicks and you'll be saved to tongue another day.

Kissing Frenzy is in submission to Apple right now, and will launch at a special offer price of 59p. Facebook Connect will be added in the first update, too, so you'll be able to send out virtual snogs to all your friends.

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