There's a Persona-themed rhythm game coming to the Vita

There's a Persona-themed rhythm game coming to the Vita

If this weekend's Persona news blitz is any indication, Atlus has shown it's not afraid to experiment with its brands.

In addition to the mash-up chibi RPG for the 3DS, Atlus also announced a rhythm game based on dubbed .

All we really know about it so far is that it's a rhythm game for the PS Vita that features characters from the Gold Award-winning JRPG letting their hair down and racking up combos straight-up style.

Also, its story is going to be somehow tied into the plot of Persona 4 Golden.

We have no idea how Atlus is going to tie a rhythm game into the JRPG, but colour us interested if this one comes over to the west.

is due out in Japan in the autumn of 2014. There's no word on a US or European localisation just yet, but there is a trailer.

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