Free iPhone and iPad games: Space Harvest, Alio the Woodcutter

Free iPhone and iPad games: Space Harvest, Alio the Woodcutter

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By All-Seeing Interactive -

Space Harvest is a retro-style real-time strategy game in which you travel to the edge of the galaxy and explore uncharted asteroids for valuable mushrooms. These fungi are no longer common on your home planet due to a mysterious alien virus, you see.

There are nine different maps for you to explore and a comprehensive range of space-age technology to unlock. You'll definitely need every gadget you can get your mitts on if you wish to beat your rivals to the chase and grab as many 'shrooms as you can.

Did we mention that it won a Pocket Gamer Bronze Award? Oh, we didn't? Well, it won a Pocket Gamer Bronze Award at review. Done.

Alio the Woodcutter
By Lyxite -

Alio the Woodcutter sounds pretty easy. In fact, all you have to do is cut down a bunch of trees and return to your truck in order to progress through each stage of the game.

Naturally, though, it's not actually as easy as it sounds. Trees only fall in specific directions, for example, and if you're not careful, you'll inadvertently block your escape route. There are also streams and other obstacles to worry about.

Be prepared to play through no fewer than 50 puzzle-filled levels.