Bag yourself a Gameloft bargain via a Groupon deal

Bag yourself a Gameloft bargain via a Groupon deal

If you fancy bagging yourself a bargain, you live in the UK, and you've got five English pounds burning a hole in your digital pocket, then you could do a lot worse than heading over to Groupon, where you'll find a deal that lets you pick up five Gameloft games for £5 via a voucher.

Unfortunately for iOS, bada, and Windows Phone users, you aren't invited to this particular Groupon party. There are plenty of handsets on other mobile platforms that have got invitations, mind, including Android smartphones, the Xperia Play, and Java-powered mobiles.

The Groupon Gameloft deal hasn't actually gone live yet, which means you can't use your Groupon voucher code in Gameloft's store at the moment. As soon as the clock strikes midnight tonight, though, you'll be able to purchase five different £3 games for £1 each, saving you a grand total of £10. Your Gameloft voucher will be valid until August 2nd.

There's a huge amount of games to choose from in this Groupon sale, ranging from the and games in the Modern Combat FPS series, to the Silver Award-winning mayhem of .

For more information; terms and conditions; and a full supported device list, you can head over to the Groupon by .

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