EA hopes to conquer Facebook with free-to-play boardgame interpretation Risk: Factions

EA hopes to conquer Facebook with free-to-play boardgame interpretation Risk: Factions

If you're the kind of fellow who dreams of conquering foreign lands while simultaneously checking out your work colleague's holiday snaps, then EA has just answered your oddly specific prayers.

Having enticed Facebook gamers away from their FarmVille crops with The Sims Social, EA has teamed up with Hasbro to bring classic boardgame Risk to Zuckerberg's social platform.

Entitled Risk: Factions, this free-to-play re-imagining aims to bring a little light-hearted seasoning to the well-established RTS recipe.

Through Risk: Factions, Facebook users can now play as a selection of different splinter groups, each with its own quirks and characters.

After all, who wouldn't want to invade Australasia with an army of cats? Or take control of Europe with a shambling horde of zombies? No one, that's who.

Profile invasion

Of course, Risk: Factions will also embrace social features which take advantage of Facebook's vast network, allowing you to join forces against common foes, or to simply send digital gifts to your favourite virtual despots.

It's worth noting that EA brought to iOS devices shortly after the success of The Sims Social.

If Risk: Factions enjoys similar success on Facebook, it is entirely possible that a free-to-play iOS version could be in the pipeline.

To play Risk: Factions now, head on over to the game's and prepare to do battle.

If you're on the fence, check out the Risk: Factions teaser below, or the to assess the lay of the land.

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