PSP PlayStation Store games coming in 2008

PSP PlayStation Store games coming in 2008

Sony America is working on at least seven new PSP games for download via the PlayStation Store, reports industry site, .

The games – three action, two music-themed, one shooting and one racing title – are said to be between one half and one third of the size of current UMD titles, and offer anything from two to ten hours' worth of gameplay. They are not games currently available for PSP and are expected in 2008.

At present, the service is only available to PS3 owners, but Sony has previously announced its plans to launch it for both PSP and PC (with the PC used as a gateway to the content, which is connected to the PSP via a USB cable) so that handheld players without a PS3 can still access the content.

Naturally, you should expect Sony to make more than new PSP games available for download. Indeed, the publisher has promised a mixture of material, which includes trailers and DVD-style behind-the-scenes and interviews, as well as classic PSone titles and game demos.

The service is due to launch, initially in the US, in 2008.

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